Terms & Conditions

Any work delivered to Magnum Taxidermy immediately undergoes basic processes: unique trophy identification by tag, skinning if required, vermin & insect protection & disease control. All bone & horn is cleaned & disinfected. Any cancelled order will be subject to a storage charge of R20 per animal per day and for trophy preservation costs.

A 50% non refundable deposit must be paid to Magnum Taxidermy within 30 days of receipt of the trophies and before work commences, excluding leather tanning and ALL ‘Dip & Pack’ orders which must be paid for in full and in advance. In the event of a deposit NOT being received within 30 days, a further 14 days grace will granted for trophy collection where after Magnum Taxidermy will dispose of all trophies, Skull & Horns and skins as they see fit.

Prices quoted are only valid for 30 days after which they will be subject to pricing review by Magnum Taxidermy. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Discounted prices will only apply if the deposit is paid within 30 days from date of delivery of trophies to Magnum Taxidermy or date of our invoice after which any discounts become void.

Orders to be paid for in full, within 30 days of notification. Work will only be released from our premises after full & final payment is received. Only cash, bank cash deposits or cleared electronic funds transfer accepted. Interest will be charged at base rate + 2% for accounts not paid within 30 days.

Orders not collected within 30 days of notification from Magnum Taxidermy by e-mail, fax, sms, letter or telephonically will be charged storage costs R 20 per animal per day.

Orders not collected within 60 days of notification from Magnum Taxidermy by e-mail, fax, sms, letter or telephonically will be sold out of hand to defray storage expenses.

Packing, documentation, permits, insurance & transport costs are not included in our prices. Trophies stored at owners risk. Magnum Taxidermy is not responsible for hair-slip or bacterial damage. All items must be adequately prepared and salted in the ‘field’ and transported appropriately prior to arrival at Magnum Taxidermy. All necessary permits, affidavits and/or hunting licences to be handed in with trophies Most orders will be completed within 6 months from receipt of 50% deposit of total cost; except in special circumstances (eg: large or Full Mounts).